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Community Services, Inc.

           A Title XIX I/DD Waiver Provider

Providing You With

Home & Community Based Services


Community Services, Inc. has been a licensed behavioral health center with the State of West Virginia since May 2004.  The agency provides I/DD (Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities) Waiver Services & Medicaid Personal Care Services. 

CSI was formed to meets the needs of individuals who are intellectually/developmentally disabled that were not being met by other resources. CSI is fully committed to serving the needs of the participants and putting forth the utmost effort in trying to provide these services in the fastest, most effective manner possible, with a focus on the needs of the participants and their families.


The agency promotes person-centered planning by providing services or linkage to services which will enable individuals to focus on their strengths and interests so they may realize their full potential by developing skills, competencies, and talents in order to improve their quality of life by implementing supports, assistive technology, and/or adaptations as needed.  The agency promotes the right of people with disabilities to make choices about their own lives, to have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else, and to speak and advocate for themselves. 


As a smaller, locally operated agency, CSI strives to provide services that are client/family specific in a more timely fashion.  CSI will work with other agencies, groups, and the general public to eliminate discrimination and encourage the development of services appropriate to the individual person by advocating for their rights and needs. 

I/DD Waiver Services
  • Case Management

  • Facility-Based Day Habilitation

  • Job Development

  • Pre-Vocational Training

  • Supported Employment

  • Behavior Support Professional

  • Family Person Centered Support

  • In-Home Respite

  • Out-of-Home Respite

  • Home-Based Person Centered Support

  • Transportation

  • Environmental Accessibility

Personal Care Services

Includes assistance with: 


  • Personal Care Tasks

  • Essential Errands

  • Community Activities

Care At Home
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