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Day Services

Day Services provide training and supports outside the residential setting. This may be services based at the agency day habilitation center or via supported employment, which allows assistance to participate in paid employment. Each of these services receives oversight by a Behavior Support Professional. 

Facility- Based Day Habilitation


Facility-Based Day Habilitation is a structured program that uses meaningful and productive activities designed to promote the acquisition of skills or maintenance of skills for the member outside the residential home. Activities are guided by the member’s strengths, needs, wishes, desires, and goals.

Facility-Based Day Habilitation Program services include, but are not limited to:

• Development of self-care skills;

• Use of community services and businesses;

• Emergency skills training;

• Mobility skills training;

• Nutritional skills training;

• Social skills training;

• Communication and speech instruction (prescribed by a Speech Language Pathologist ;)

• Therapy objectives (prescribed by physical therapist, occupational therapist, etc.)

• Interpersonal skills instruction;

• Functional academic training such as recognizing emergency and other public signs, independent money management skills, etc.

• Citizenship, rights and responsibilities, self-advocacy, voting training;

• Self-administration of medication training;

• Independent living skills training; and

• Training the individual to follow directions and carry out assigned duties.

Turning Point is CSI's facility-based day habilitation program. Coaching services and assistance are provided by Direct Support Professionals who are trained in areas as required by the Title XIX I/DD Waiver Program, as well as in areas specific to the individual(s) they will be providing services too. Our small day program generally allows for lower staffing ratios to better serve your needs.

The day program is open from 8:30 am - 6:00 pm, Monday - Friday. This allows us to accommodate a variety of schedules. Turning Point is conveniently located beside our administrative offices. 

Supported Employment


Supported Employment consists of services that enable individuals to engage in paid, competitive employment in integrated community settings. The services are for individuals who have barriers to obtaining employment due to the nature and complexity of their disabilities. The services are designed to assist individuals for whom competitive employment at or above the minimum wage is unlikely without such support and services and need ongoing support based upon the member’s level of need.


Supported Employment services include, but are not limited to:

• Vocational counseling (Example: Discussion of the member’s on-the-job work activities);

• On-the-job training in work and work-related skills;

• Accommodation of work performance task;

• Supervision and monitoring by a job coach;

• Intervention to replace inappropriate work behaviors with adaptive work skills and behaviors;

• Retraining as jobs change or job tasks change;

• Training in skills essential to obtain and retain employment, such as the effective use of community resources;

• Transportation to and from job sites when other forms of transportation are unavailable or inaccessible.

Behavior Support Professional


A Behavior Support Professional (BSP) develops training plans that include member-specific aspects and methods of intervention or instruction. The BSP also provides training to staff members who will implement the training plans on aspects and methods of intervention. The BSP evaluates/monitors the effectiveness of the training plans and follows-up once training plans have been implemented to observe progress/regression. The BSP then revises training plans as needed.

Day habilitation activities must consist of programs of instruction/training developed and evaluated by a Behavior Support Professional. Supported Employment services may be supervised by a Behavior Support Professional. 

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