Moodle Training

Certain training is required by State and Federal Medicaid guidelines in order to bill for Title XIX I/DD Waiver services.  Some of these trainings can be completed via the internet. 

For DSEs (Domestic Service Employees), these include training in the following areas:
  1. Recognition & Reporting of Abuse and Neglect
  2. Bloodborne Pathogens/Infectious Disease Control
  3. Client Rights & Confidentiality
  4. Policies & Procedures 
Training in these areas is required INITIALLY and ANNUALLY thereafter.

In order to access CSI's web-based Moodle Training site, please click on the "Moodle" link below.

Please ensure you complete all steps of the training, to include submitting the quiz at the end.  If you do not answer the specified number of questions and submit the quiz prior to the date your training expires, we will be unable to process any of your billing beyond the expiration date, due to Medicaid requirements.

Contact the Receptionist if you have any questions regarding your Moodle trainings.  Remember, your log in information is case-sensitive.

CSI Moodle Training