The following are billing/documentation forms for DSEs (Domestic Support Employees). 

When is My Billing Due? 

Please remember that billing must be submitted by 10 on Mondays (unless otherwise indicated) in order for us to be able to process it on time.  If you submit billing by 10 am, but it contains too many errors to be processed, you will need to make corrections to the billing and resubmit it no later than 3pm on Monday.  These deadlines are in place due to timelines we have that are outlined by the agency we submit billing to, as well as deadlines our bank has for direct deposit.  To prevent the need to make corrections to your billing, please take a moment to look it over before submitting.
Billing forms are available on your Moodle page.  If you cannot access it, please call the Office Assistant to request the forms be emailed directly to you.